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Turtle Foundation UK

“Our vision is a future where sea turtles and their habitats are sustainably protected, healthy, and safe from threat of extinction and destruction.

Our mission is to contribute to sea turtle conservation at our own project sites by cooperating with local communities to create a future where both sea turtles and people can thrive.”

There are 7 species of sea turtles in our oceans and all of these are now threatened with extinction. Marine turtles are crucial members of the marine ecosystem and are vital in maintaining coral reefs and seagrass beds that go on to benefit shrimp, lobster & tuna. 

Turtles have been living in our seas for over 100 million years, but they are threatened by many of our activities. Nesting beaches are destroyed and disturbed by beach side hotel complexes. Turtles are caught in fishing nets and mistake plastic materials for food. They are also caught in discarded fishing gear and can become entangled and trapped in rubbish on the beach and unable to reach the ocean. 

Climate change is also a big factor with warmer temperatures reducing the number of male hatchlings.

To find out more about this fantastic charity go to Turtle Foundation

Protect Our World & its Wildlife

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sustainable clothing

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has a much lower environmental impact than conventional cotton.

It’s predominantly rainfed, reducing pressure on local water supplies. It’s pesticide & GMO free... healthier for the farmers, the planet & our skin.

sustainable clothing

Slow Fashion

We print & embroider our clothing to-order in our Bournemouth studio.

This means that we only ever create products that people are going to wear - reducing waste & reducing energy consumption.

sustainable clothing

We Plant Trees

At Blue Panda we love planting lots of trees! Planting trees is crucial in reducing the effects of climate change.

Trees are good for the planet & for our mental health - they make us happier and help us feel more connected to nature.

sustainable clothing


We are the brand that saves wildlife! We're super excited to be supporting Wildlife & Conservation charities around the world.

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