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🇬🇧 Embroidered & Printed in the UK

The Brand That Saves Wildlife


Backpacks embroidered with animal & wildlife designs. Over 50 animals to choose from - every purchase supports wildlife conservation projects around the world.

sustainable clothing


We are the brand that saves wildlife! We're super excited to be supporting Wildlife & Conservation charities around the world. Every purchase you make gives back. Together we can make a difference!

sustainable clothing

Slow & SUSTAINABLE Fashion

We embroider & print to-order in our Bournemouth studio.

This means that we only ever create products that our lovely customers will use & wear. This helps to reduce waste & reduce our energy consumption.

sustainable clothing


Our 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts are GMO & pesticide FREE. Our sweats & hoods are made from 85% organic cotton & 15% recycled polyester, helping to prevent plastic waste from entering our seas.

Organic cotton has a much lower environmental impact than conventional cotton. It’s predominantly rainfed, reducing pressure on local water supplies. Organic cotton is KINDER & HEALTHIER for the farmers, wildlife & our skin.

sustainable clothing


We love trees! Planting trees is one of the most crucial things we can do to reduce the effects of climate change.

As well as being good for the planet, trees also help our mental health - they make us happier and help us feel more connected to nature.

Please visit our charity page to find out more about the wonderful organisations being supported by every purchase you make.

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