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Save the Elephants

Save the Elephants was founded in 1993 & is a UK-registered charity with a main research station in Samburu National Park in Kenya.

Elephants are our planet’s largest land mammals: extremely intelligent and highly social.  As keystone species, they play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live.

But their fate is uncertain. Although global ivory trade has decreased, many thousands of elephants are still under threat from illegal poaching across their range. With the human population growing, elephants are also being increasingly crowded out of their rangelands by new farms and settlements, leaving them with a fragmented habitat. This expansion is leading to clashes between humans and elephants and these conflicts are increasing at an alarming rate, fast becoming the biggest threat to elephants’ survival.

Save the Elephants (STE) works to secure a future for elephants. Specialising in elephant research, they provide scientific insights into elephant behaviour, intelligence, and long-distance movements and apply them to the challenges of elephant survival. High tech tracking and other tools helps STE work towards a harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants.

Elephants are highly intelligent & emotional creatures that have a crucial role in the balance of the ecosystems where they live. They eat through the vegetation, creating space for new plants to grow and pathways for smaller animals to travel along. Wherever they go they leave their dung which is full of seeds that in turn create new growth. Ever growing human populations & infrastructure threaten elephant habitats & create barriers to wildlife movement, reducing the habitats even further.

Find out more at Save the Elephants

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Organic cotton has a much lower environmental impact than conventional cotton.

It’s predominantly rainfed, reducing pressure on local water supplies. It’s pesticide & GMO free... healthier for the farmers, the planet & our skin.

sustainable clothing


We print & embroider our clothing to-order in our Bournemouth studio.

This means that we only ever create products that people are going to wear - reducing waste & reducing energy consumption.

sustainable clothing


At Blue Panda we love planting lots of trees! Planting trees is crucial in reducing the effects of climate change.

Trees are good for the planet & for our mental health - they make us happier and help us feel more connected to nature.

sustainable clothing


We are the brand that saves wildlife! We're super excited to be supporting Wildlife & Conservation charities around the world.

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