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Our Mission - Organic Cotton Tees & Planting Trees

Wondering why we've decided to use only organic t-shirts & plant trees?

Organic cotton is better for the planet, the farmers and our skin.

Organic Cotton Saves Lots & Lots of Water -  Organic cotton uses 91% less water than a conventional t-shirt (saving 2457 litres!)

It's Rain-Fed - Organic cotton crops are grown in naturally rain-fed locations, reducing pressure on local water supplies. 

Resulting in Heathier Soil  - This means that the soil is able to soak up more water during floods.

No Harmful Pesticides  - Healthier for the workers, the planet and our skin.

PETA Vegan Approved T Shirts  - Our 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts are printed with eco friendly water-based inks (ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified & CPSIA compliant).

TREES TREES TREES! Global Reforestation is key to preserving our world for future generations.

Tees for Trees -  We love trees! With our partners at One Tree Planted we are planting trees around the globe where they're needed most, both in the UK and world-wide. 

Trees make us happy - Planting trees helps to support better levels of health and wellbeing, especially in areas of greatest health inequality. Trees improve the air quality around us and are good for our mental health.

Planting new trees is one of the most effective ways to limit global warming.

Trees help us breathe - 1 fully grown tree provides enough oxygen for 2 people to breathe for an entire year.

Trees provide habitats - Many creatures depend on trees for shelter and food.

Trees prevent flooding -  Trees are crucial in preventing soil erosion and reducing flooding.  

It's more than just a tee - Join the Blue Panda Tribe & together we can make a difference.

Start Shopping for sustainable clothing that protects & preserves our world 💚

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